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The Things Fur Families Ask...

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When will I get my order?

Complete Starter Kit with Nutrient Powder, Omega-3 Oil, & Soybean Oil

We normally acknowledge and process orders within 72 hours. All orders are sent via USPS Priority Flat Rate and typically take 2-3 mail business days for shipping (During the pandemic, USPS service in some areas has experienced delays).

What is in your dog food supplements?

Jar of Nutrient Powder showing the breakdown of vitamins and minerals

The Well Dog Nutrient Formula contains purified vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in forms that have been shown to be the most readily absorbed by a dog’s digestive system. It is manufactured at a human-grade GMP facility (Good Manufacturing Practice; regulations promulgated by the US Food and Drug Administration) that uses US sources of ingredients. When measured and used as directed, each container of the Well Dog Nutrient Formula will last about one month for a 50lb dog. 

The Well Dog Omega-3 Oil is purified fish oil from wild-caught North Atlantic sardines and anchovies. It is molecularly distilled and tested twice to ensure it is free of lead, heavy metals, PCB, and other toxins. When measured and use as directed the 8 oz bottle of The Well Dog Omega-3 Oil will last about 2 months for a 50lb dog. 

The LifeOil Soybean Oil is GMO-free, expeller pressed rather than chemically extracted so it is hexane-free. A bottle will last about 40 days for a 50lb dog

Can the EZ Meal Planner be used for puppies?

Two cute Dalmatian puppies playing

The EZ Meal Planner is designed for adult, normal dogs only. Puppies need to be fed puppy food until they reach full skeletal growth. (Check with your veterinarian about your specific breed)

Can the EZ Meal Planner be used for dogs with medical problems or food allergies?

Dog scratching from food allergies

If your dog has a medical condition that requires a special restricted diet, you may want to check out our sister website, Healthier Homemade (coming soon!) where we offer an assortment of custom diets.

I'd like to use a meat that isn't listed - is that ok?

Sliced Liver on a platter

The meats on the “not included” list have too much fat for the amount of protein in them, so it is hard to create a nutritious homemade diet with them.

Why are some oils on the “not included” list?

5 bottles of vegetable oil

Essential fatty acids are important for immune health, skin health, and luxurious glossy fur. Soybean oil has essential fatty acids in a bio-available form, meaning that the body can use them directly without having to first break them down. Mammals are very poor at refining fats, so dogs are unable to make enough essential fatty acids from unrefined oils for maximum health.

The essential fatty acids in the oils on the “not included” list contain essential fatty acids in a form the dog's body needs to refine or are not sufficient in refined fatty acids.

Think of unrefined fatty acids as crude oil. If you pump crude oil into your car’s gas tank, it will stop running and wreck the engine. Crude oil has to be refined to gasoline for your car to function properly.

Why can’t I use the ingredients on the “not included” list?

Bowl of soybeans to illustrate one of the ingredients that are not suitable for homemade dog food.

Seeds and nuts are like fatty meats, too much fat for the amount of protein in them, so it is hard to create a nutritious homemade diet with them. Although beans, peas, and tofu type product are lean, they are protein poor and do not contain adequate key essential amino acids for heart health.

Can I use a dog or human vitamin supplement?

Label on jar of vitamins that is NOT suitable for use in homemade dog food.

No, and here is why...

Commercial dog vitamins/minerals are formulated to supplement regular balanced diets. They do not contain the necessary daily amounts of ALL of the essential vitamins and minerals for homemade meals.

Human products are formulated for humans, who have completely different vitamin and mineral needs. This means that human vitamins are deficient in some nutrients and contain dangerous amounts of other nutrients.

Our nutrient formula guarantees (when made as directed) that your dog will get ALL of the daily vitamins and minerals they need.

Why aren’t fruits & vegetables included in the EZ Meal Planner meals?

Group of three squashes

Vegetables are great sources of fiber and phytonutrients but they are woefully deficient in vitamins and minerals in amounts that dogs can tolerate in a healthy diet.

We love fruits and vegetables as low calorie treats. The EZ meal planner gives suggested amounts to give of fruits and vegetables as an optional treat.

Why are raw meals excluded in the EZ Meal Planner?

Raw poultry; necks

Due to bacterial safety concerns of raw meat, we feel that lightly cooked meats (internal temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit) are safer for dogs and their owners.

My vet doesn't recommend homemade. How can I explain about Hearthstone?

Veterinarian discussing homemade with client

Veterinarians are very skeptical about the nutritional adequacies of homemade diets. And with good reason as this study at U.C. Davis describes, 95% of online and published homemade recipes are nutritionally inadequate. The data sheet in your EZ Meal Planner will assure your veterinarian that you are feeding a nutritious diet. In the event of a medical problem with your dog, your vet can be satisfied that diet is not the cause.

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