NEW EZ Meal Planner:
- more flexible guidelines
- choose your ingredients
AND still be confident your
  dog's meals are complete!

A senior woman runs with her dog in a pleasant fall scene with trees and grass.

The EZ Dog Food Meal Planner offers simple directions so you can make completely balanced homemade meals for your dog.

So simple... our Hearthstone Homemade Starter Kit contains: nutrient powder, omega-3 oil, non-GMO soybean oil, and your EZ Meal Planner. You purchase meat and carbohydrate at the grocery store. That's it!

Since our recipes are nutritionally complete there is no need to purchase fruit or vegetables, but treats are fun, so if you wish to give your dog veggie snacks, we also provide guidelines for that too!

Who chooses... Hearthstone Homemade?
   - Dog owners who wish to select their ingredients
   - People currently making their dog's food who want to make sure that it is balanced
   - Families that are concerned about the ever-increasing dog food recalls

A friendly dog sits with his dog food bowl. The text on the bowl says "control the bowl."

What ingredients can I use?

See all the appropriate choices of meat, carbohydrates, & info about veggie snacks

A humorous picture of a dog wearing a cap and gown to illustrate learning.

Learn about getting started

Everything you need to know about getting started with making your dog's food

A cute dog posed holding a wooden spoon in his mouth. He is ready to make his own dog food.


Answers to the things that people ask - about the oils, the nutrients, orders, and more...